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Our participation in various global symposiums and events, gives us an opportunity to showcase to the world the entire gammut of products we offer. At ERBA Diagnostics, we encourage regular interactions with our business associates and partners, through seminars and conferences.
Press Release
23 MAY 2013 ERBA Diagnostics Exhibits at EuroMedlab Conference in Milan, Italy
Publication : MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)
ERBA Diagnostics, Inc. (NYSE MKT: ERB), a fully integrated in vitro diagnostics company, is pleased to announce its participation at the Euromedlab conference in Milan, Italy, May 19th thru May 23rd. EuroMedlab is the European Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine.

ERBA Diagnostics along with its recently acquired subsidiaries DREW Scientific and JAS Inc., will be exhibiting its wide range of products and solutions in the fields of clinical chemistry, immunology, haematology, urine analysis, diabetes monitoring, and microbiology. ERBA Diagnostics provides a comprehensive portfolio of instruments and reagents solutions covering all levels of automation and throughput needs by laboratories. Continuing its tradition of showcasing new products from its research and development efforts, ERBA Diagnostics will be proudly showcasing new analysers in the segments of:

1. Immunoassay automation with its new LISA XL line of 6 plate automated analyser.

2. Urine sediment analysis by the Laura range of analysers, which ERBA Diagnostics sells in the South American markets. Laura range can be integrated with traditional fully automated Laura Urine Analyser to provide complete automation in the Urine analysis.

3. XL-100 range of small fully automated clinical chemistry analysers dedicated mainly towards the emerging countries, which ERBA Diagnostics sells in the South American markets.

4. XL-1000 range of fully automated clinical chemistry analysers focussed on the large laboratories with throughput requirements of 1000 Test/Hours, which ERBA Diagnostics sells in the South American markets.

5. Very new DS5+ HbA1c analysers for long term glycemic control. This analyser is a successor to the highly popular and successful DS5 range.

6. DS360 HbA1c analysers for large laboratories. The latest version comes with enhanced capabilities in software and sample handling. DS360 is NGSP certified.

In addition to these new arrivals, ERBA Diagnostics will be showcasing a number of other popular analysers and solutions. ERBA Diagnostics intends to continue to direct its efforts toward the introduction of the new solutions to distributors and doctors worldwide. ERBA Diagnostics strives to continue to expand its distribution and market reach with a more comprehensive range of product portfolio.