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ERBA Diagnostic products are synonmous wih 'Latest technology, precision and affordability'.


HEMAVET® analyzers have been setting the standard for veterinary Hematology CBCs for over 10 years.

HEMAVET® analyzers have been setting the standard for veterinary hematology CBCs for over 10 years. The HEMAVET®  – a New, Fast, Veterinary Multi-species Hematology System takes that pedigree and improves it even further, offering automatic, primary tube sampling with probe-wipe.

  • 24 reportable CBC parameters including platelets and full 5 part differential
  • Just 20µL sample volume required using direct primary tube sampling with auto probe wipe
  • Two minute cycle time for fast result reporting
  • Fast - 26 samples per hour
  • Patented Expectation Maximisation software
  • Fully automated, whole blood open vials
  • Simple to operate
  • Low maintenance, due to Focused Flow® technology
  • Optimized reagents and controls
  • Efficient, cost effective patient management
  • CBC's on up to six species at the press of a button through use of species specific keys
Manufacturer name:
  • DREW Scientific Inc.

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