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ERBA Diagnostic products are synonmous wih 'Latest technology, precision and affordability'.

Mago 4s

The MAGO® 4S Automated Immunoassay System is a new generation of analyzer designed to increase efficiency through the simultaneous processing of both ELISA and IFA samples, on a single-platform...driven by an expanded menu that introduces a level of automation that is in a class by itself.

Performance Flexibility:                

  • Simultaneous ELISA/IFA test processing - increases efficiency
  • Diamedix reagents in ready to use containers - eliminates pour-off and reduces sey-up time
  • Performs  serial two-fold dilutions on board - reduces labor 
  • Performs Diamedix and validated Reagent partner assays in tandem - improves workflow 
  • Ability to perform multiple assays per sample - eliminates need to batch test               
Reliable System Design:                
  • Liquid sensing mechanism - warns if reagent / sample fluids are insufficient
  • Pre-assay plate / reagent volume check - avoids aborted runs
  • Continous probe clean - maintains hydraulics and reduces carry-over                
  • Dispenses accurately to 4 microliters - less sample needed               
Expnded Functionality:                
  • User friendly Windows based software - set-up is fast and easy
  • Inverse curve capability - expands test menu                
  • Open channels - increases assay applications                
  • Bi-Directional LIS communication                 
  • Ability to export data - adds external Levy-Jennings capability               
Testing Capabilites:                
  • Maximum number of ELISA plates     4                
  • Maximum number of IFA slides        16                
  • Maximum sample capacity              120                

Manufacturer name:
  • Diamedix

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Mago 4s