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ERBA Diagnostic products are synonmous wih 'Latest technology, precision and affordability'.

Dynex DS2

The Dynex DS2™ ELISA Processing System addresses the demands of contemporary immunoassay testing...decreased hands-on time, increased productivity, efficiency and ease of use.

The Dynex DS2 ELISA Processing System, combined with Diamedix ELISA Tests Kits addresses the demands of contemporary Immunoassay testing…decreased hands-on time, increase productivity, efficiency and ease of use. Designed with full walk-away capability, the DS2 quickly and easily processing two 96 - well microplates, has a small footprint, delivers true flexibility, in automation, versatile software and with the consistent, reliable Diamedix immunosimplicity reagents, provides a seamless, toally integrated, Reagent / System Solution.     

Operate a DS2 Like No One Else...
Diamedix custom reagent rack, fine-tuned programming, and superior technical service support ensure that your DS2 is optimized for top-of-the-line performance that only Diamedix can offer.

Saves Time, Effort and Expense     
Reagent containers provided in the Diamedix kits can be loaded directly into a custom reagent rack…and sample racks support mixed sample tube sizes - no tedious, time consuming pour-offs needed.     
Ensures Quality and Security of Results     
Diamedix fully bar-coded ELISA reagents, and the laboratory's barcoded samples, are positively identified by the on-board barcode reader. 

Accelerates Workflow     
Faster lading, faster pipetting, quick arm motion, completes runs in less time and provides quicker result reporting.     
Increased Efficiency     
Windows intuitive-based software supports anytime loading and result reporting of an assay before completion of a multi-assay run.     
Improves Reliability     
Diamedix quality products, combined with optimized tests dfintion programs and factory-trained service engineers provide the dependable performance you expect and deserve. 

The Perfect Partnership:
ImmunoSimplicity Reagents and DS2 Automation Diamedix offers a broad menu of optimized, easy-to-use assays for diverse pathological disorders. Please visit our extended menu of validated assays to the DS2 by clicking the Menu button.

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  • Diamedix

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Dynex DS2